Cats – Pewter & Real

This pewter lion was part of a framed Big 5 work which I did a couple of years back. My intention was to give the lion a realistic look. The texture on the background to the left is the leather look embossing plate in the Fiscar’s range. I decided to put this photo on the blog after I had taken the photo below of our little black Panther, (well, that’s what she thinks she is!)

I tried to grab an hour of quiet time after a hectic day with the intentions of working on a little pewter face in front of TV. My work surface is a cushioned melamine TV tray, the left half is my hard surface and the right half my soft (felt) surface. I had just gathered myself and picked up the first tool to start working when Bizkit the cat quietly climbed up onto the tray. She pawed each tool in turn until all the tools where on the floor besides the one in my hand. She then curled up on the piece of felt and started purring with delight at her comfortable space. I worked for 10 minutes using Bizkit’s back as the soft surface to stretch my pewter and then neatened from the front on the melamine hard surface. The work deteriorated at a rapid rate and I gave up, not before I took the pic with my phone!