Pewter Book Covers

A book with a beautiful personalised pewter cover has to be one of the most special gifts. We spend many hours in the studio designing book covers for clients.
Here are a few examples of bookcovers we have created in the studio.
This is my handbag book. I never go anywhere without this book, not because I need the information inside it BUT simply to write information in it because I have a memory like a sieve and I fear not being able to remember things. This little book has helped me out more times than I can remember. It is filled with the most valuable, sometimes hysterical, information which includes figures, facts, colours, measurements, book titles and any other arbitory wording, that when written seems to be of utmost importance to me right there and then. This little book makes for some fun reading and memory revival on long distance travelling when I am a bored passenger, (possibly the only time in my life that I have the luxury of sitting idle!)
My recipe book! I love this book, filled with my entire life as well as recipes of course! It is a huge thick leatherbound precious book. The right hand pages are filled with my glorious tried and tested recipes, (I am an avid cook and love food, food and food.) The left hand pages are filled with my written life, almost like a journal but more random info, facts, stories and bits of painting, sketching and design work. The cover is a pewter interpretation of Cerridwen the welsh goddess of Inspiration and creativity. She brewed a broth for one year and a day which produces three drops of inspiration.
Simone’s dad’s recipe book, the overall layout and design just worked so nicely.
I did a series of these lovely little notebooks some time back. The blocked design was done seperately and then backed with firm board, edges folded over and then glued onto the pewter cover of the book. The wording was engraved into the pewter as well as the fine lined designs on either side of the wording.

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