Creating Pewter work for Large Orders

I have just returned home from a very productive and fun, full day beginner workshop at the studio. The photo above of some of the students first works all on a board together made me think of large orders that we do from time to time in the studio and how we work them in batches. Which in turn gave me the idea of a post on large orders.
It can be quite a daunting feeling when asked to produce a 100 wine labels or 50 jewellery boxes or whatever quantity of a completely hand made product. It is not generally the problem of working out what to charge but rather working out exactly how long it is going to take to complete the order and whether you have the time and or energy to complete so much work in the time schedule specified. Never forgetting that you do in fact only have two hands to do the work and bearing in mind that we pride ourselves in hand made individual items and do not create machine pressed work with a factory finish. Below are some sample pics of the larger orders that we at Mimmic are often faced with.
John and Simone’s wedding in October 2010. Michelle and I created a design which we produced in Pewter as wine labels for the male guests and trinket boxes with a pewter lid with each lady guest’s name worked on the top. The wedding was held at a game lodge near Bela Bela and the guests spent the night at the lodge. The wine and trinket box was placed on the pillows in each guest’s room for them on their return from the reception. The gifts were the talking point of conversation the next morning at breakfast.

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